Jak działa algorytm Instagrama i co ocenia?

How does Instagram’s algorithm work?


Instagram’s algorithm is constantly changing

There is no coincidence in what kind of content is displayed after logging in to your Instagram account. Special and proprietary Instagram algorithm is watching over the process of observing specific channels and the posts placed in them. The algorithm is constantly changing and is constantly updated by Instagram engineers. Once, it was a closely guarded secret of the Instagram team. However, recently, some of its principles saw the light of day. The Instagram algorithm’s main objective is: the perfect match of the shown information to the user’s interests. How exactly does the app recognize these individual preferences?

Main elements and factors evaluated by the algorithm

Basically, there are three main factors affecting what content is visible on the Instagram user account:


The Instagram algorithm verifies previously viewed channels, photos and profiles. Furthermore, it analyzes the subject of profiles arousing greater interest than others and likewise proposes similar posts the next time you log in.

Login frequency

The algorithm also takes into account data such as the app usage frequency. Each log in affects the content displayed. The more frequent they are, the more recent posts are proposed. Using the app less results in getting access to more genera ,or popular posts.


Instagram also takes into account how close you are to the person who shares specific posts. The app analyzes the frequency of your contacts with other Instagram users via comments or tagging on photos. Those with whom you talk, comment and spend more time – are shown in the first place.


Apart from factors mentioned above, it is also important to observe specific profiles and what they are about. To sum up – if you follow a lot of people, Instagram will choose from them those who match your general interests more closely. It can be said then that the app verifies the choices made on Instagram (hearts, comments, following) and systematizes them. Such a mechanism enables a good match of potentially preferred content, which will be displayed as suggestions for the next log in.

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