Name on Instagram - how to choose it?

Name on Instagram – how to choose it?


Are you planning to start an account on Instagram? Do you want to start your Instagram adventure but have no idea how? Perhaps you have already set up your account, but you have started to realize that the chosen insta name is boring and you are looking for ideas towards the right direction.

You can change your username on Instagram at at any given time, however, we do not recommend doing so… Remember that with a name change you will lose the recognition you have already earned! By changing your name you also give someone a chance to take over your old username, because someone else can create an account using your old name. If you are changing your name and want to avoid the drama, quickly create a new account under your old name to let users know that you have changed your name on Instagram.

However, let’s get to the point! In this article, you will learn how to choose a meaningful name on Instagram.

Define your goals!

Before you start thinking about the name of your future insta profile, take a moment to think about what goal you want to achieve by presenting yourself or your products/services on Instagram. The goal is important!

The goal you choose can highly impact the name of your profile. You will choose a different name for your IG profile for an online baby clothing store and a different name for a profile presenting your private lifestyle.

Consider whether your profile will be strictly professional or personal. This is probably the most crucial!

Name on IG

Personal profile - what name to choose?

Are you betting on a personal profile? Tie the name to your persona, nickname, first name, last name and the passion you will be displaying on your Instagram profile. When preparing your name on Instagram, remember a few simple rules.

  1. Avoid using the character “_” – The so-called floor is difficult to dial on a phone keyboard. A simpler character for your audience will be a “.” period.
  2. If you can avoid numbers unless they are essential. Numbers in many cases add nothing to your name, unless you want to emphasize that you are 18 😉
Instagram personal profile - name on ig

Business profile - what name to choose?

Your company profile name should be the same as the name of the company, platform or service you want to promote. It is also good if the Instagram account name is analogous to the profile names in other social media platforms in order not to confuse users.

When building a company profile name on Instagram, take into account the 3 rules described above, which we mentioned in the module about personal profile names.

Name generators for Instagram

Don’t have any ideas for your name? Use one of the many name generators available. Get inspired and choose a name using a name generator. Below are some notable generators, check them out and choose your name with a little help 🙂

Find out the answers to the most frequently asked questions

Can I use special characters in the name?

No, you cannot use special characters. The name should consist of letters, numbers, and the character “_” and “.”.

Can I assume the same name as someone else?

No, you can’t. Profile names on Instagram must be unique.

How do I get a blue badge / verification mark next to my profile name?

That is a more complicated process, as you require to be a public figure which people talk about on social platforms or someone who gets impersonated by other individuals. You can read more about this in our blog, where we explained the idea of blue badge.

How many characters can a name on instagram contain?

Your name on Instagram can be up to 30 characters.

How many times can I change my name on Instagram?

There is no limit to the number of name changes. You can perform this action whenever you want.

Can you reserve any particular name on Instagram?

Officially no! However, you can create accounts with the chosen name in order to block other users from being able to use it.

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