What is the For You section on TikTok?

What is the “For You” section on TikTok?


How do I get to For You on TikTok?

You start your adventure on TikTok and from the very first moments of using the platform/app you encounter something that is referred to as “For you” or FY / FYP. No doubt you are wondering what is this even mean! Well… Let us help you understand it in an easy way.

Why is it so important for creators to get into the For You section on Tiktok? TikTok’s presence in For You provides a real chance for a powerful and viral reach, reaching up to several to several million users and other creators!

Analyzing the materials appearing in the For You Page section, one can conclude that in order to get into this coveted section, it is “enough” to publish interesting and engaging content for users.

One of the ways and attempts to get into For You on TikTok is by using hashtags such as #foryou, #fyp, #foryoupage and #daily. Using these hashtags can theoretically help you get onto the For You Page, but realistically it is not a proven method to go viral.

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Where is the For You section on Tiktok?

The link to the For You section is located on the “Home” tab. The link to the For You Section is located at the top of your phone screen.

Will I get into For You with my new account?

Of course you have a chance! Keep publishing interesting and trendy TikToks!

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